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Urban Exile: “Walmart Moms” Plan Strikes in 20 Cities, Protesting Lives of Foodstamps and Low Wages

by Karen McVeigh

WALMART WORKERS AND supporters in the trade union movement say they intend to stage a new series of protests over wages and conditions at America’s largest private employer, in which they will target the firm’s family-friendly ethic ahead of its annual shareholders meeting next week.

Hundreds of so-called “Walmart moms” who work at stores across the U.S. plan strikes in 20 cities nationwide. Others will travel to Arkansas, the company’s home state, to provide a visual presence to shareholders.

The actions follow a series of “Black Friday” rallies last year, which came after a House of Representatives committee report found taxpayers were subsidizing workers at just one Walmart store to the tune of $1 million a year in foodstamps and other public-assistance programes, because of the low wages they took home.

Walmart, which is coming in for increasing criticism over its treatment of staff and other

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