“Media have never been so consolidated. Six media giants now control a staggering 90 percent of what Americans read, watch or listen to: GE, NewsCorp, Disney, Time Warner, CBS and Viacom.”—The New York Times.


The Ann Arbor Independent is an award-winning weekly newspaper committed to excellence in community journalism. It’s Ann Arbor’s locally-owned newspaper and is funded by individual supporters. Every month 25,000-30,000 readers get their local news from TheA2 Indy. 

High quality reporting has value. How much is a free and independent local press worth to you? $50? $100? $200? Decide, then subscribe.

“I’m a Michigan native, a U-M grad, and I taught college for many years. I’ve owned a higher education media company since 1992. Publishing is what I do every day. As an Ann Arbor resident for 38 years, after the old Ann Arbor News was closed in 2013 I decided to invest—and asked others to invest—in The A2Indy. Supporters have said they fund the newspaper because it produces local news that’s well-researched, well-sourced and factual.”—Patricia Lesko, Ann Arbor resident, founder/owner, The Ann Arbor Independent.

The Ann Arbor Independent’s website www.A2indy.com provides award-winning coverage of Ann Arbor that includes hard-hitting news about city and county government, education, safety, and features about Ann Arbor residents, entertainment news, reviews and U-M.

From its first year the newspaper has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists with awards for investigative reporting and photography. The paper has been nominated for excellence in journalism awards for its education, environmental, news and feature reporting. It has also been nominated for awards for editorial commentary, photography and Page One design.

The A2 Indy’s paid internship program accepts three high school and three college students each year. The students work together, and they have one hour of “class” time weekly, at Zingerman’s! The paper doesn’t advertise its internships; the students have to contact the paper. The writing, videography and photography these students have done in their year-long internships is absolutely extraordinary.


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“Want to give feedback about our articles, chat about local politics, schools, have a news tip or just want to ask a question about The A2Indy? Feel free to contact me. Tell a friend or neighbor about The A2Indy. Visit us on Twitter or share an article on Facebook. Share an op-ed about a local issue you feel fired up about, or send a letter of support for a candidate running for local, county or state office. As you might imagine, I love to hear from and talk to other civic-minded people.”—Patricia Lesko

3 Responses to "About"

  1. Maria Huffman   July 10, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Are there plans for a print editions in the future? Maria Huffman

  2. Sarah Ross   April 17, 2017 at 6:24 pm


    I am curious who owns the Ann Arbor Independent and if you distribute a print edition in the area.

    Sarah Ross

    • The Ann Arbor Independent Editorial Team   May 8, 2017 at 10:33 am

      @Sarah Ross, The Ann Arbor Independent is wholly owned by Ann Arbor residents. There is not a print edition.


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