This is The Ann Arbor Independent’s Corrections page. Here, we post links to articles that have been corrected/updated so that readers may find links to those articles in one convenient spot. Corrections are made with red strikethroughs of words and sentences, as well as editor’s notes.

The Ann Arbor Independent has been asked to correct articles and does so. AAPS Board of Education President Christine Stead wrote a lengthy comment in response to an article in which she alleged she’d been misquoted. The A2 Indy has corrected grammatical mistakes, typos and factual errors. In response to an article published in April 2017, a resident left a comment in which he asked to be credited as the videographer of a work a Council member had neglected to attribute to him and for which the Council member had taken artistic credit.

“Overall, research suggests that between 40 and 60 percent of newspaper news stories have some type of error, be it factual or something of a more subjective nature,” said Craig Silverman. Silverman is the author of Regret the Error: How Media Mistakes Pollute the Press and Imperil Free Speech. Silverman added, “But here’s the other part of the equation: Research found that only two percent of factual errors were corrected.”

If you have a correction, please email it to: corrections at (replace “at” with @) or call 734-930-6854 during business hours (EST).


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