Redecorating with Bean Bags Today – My Review of These Behemoths

A2Indy is back today with a fun post. When redecorating our office for our new start we decided to make it fun and have some bean bag chairs. I was never really into bean bags, until I tried one out at my neighbors house. I guess I kind of associated bean bag chairs with hippies and lounging around all day. That’s not really my style, so I was surprised at how much I liked it.

Granted not all bean bags are the same. My neighbor’s can be seen here at the Instagram – Gigantic Bean Bags, which is a much higher end brand. They’re also on Twitter. I’ve been on some cheaper ones that I’ve found at the mall or target and it’s a world of difference. While I can’t speak for everyone, the gigantic bean bags are hands down the best.

First of all most of the other ones are made of plastic. The outside is some kind of vinyl or something, which is fine if you’re in long pants and a long sleeve shirt. Basically, if your skin isn’t going to be touching the thing then you’re fine. But, if you’re wearing shorts or a short sleeve shirt, or less, then it’s going to be uncomfortable. The vinyl material is going to rub and chafe. It’s not very comfortable at all.

On the other hand, the bean bag at my neighbor’s house is soft to the touch and very comfortable. It’s like a soft towel. You actually want to get your skin on it because it’s so cozy and comfortable.

Another great thing about the one I tried out is it’s size. I guess they call it gigantic for a reason. The one they had was 7 feet wide, I think. That may not sounds that big, but remember most of the ones you see at the store are like 3 feet wide. This is more of a bed or a large couch than a chair to me. My queen sized bed is about 6 and a half feet long. Thing bean bag bed was 6 feet wide! Another thing to mention is that it’s not a rectangle, but it’s round. See it here: – luxury loungers.

So, my queen bed is like 6.5 ft by 5.5 ft. This giant bean bag bed was 7 ft by 7 ft. Also, a mattress is like a foot tall and this bag was around 3 feet tall. Maybe now that I compare the proportions of this bean bag to a queen sized bed, you see why I say it’s more like a bed or sofa than a chair.

Having this giant bean bag to stretch out on was great. We watch a movie, the new Star Wars, and had a great time. I was nervous about spilling my popcorn on his expensive new bean bag. But, he told me that you could take the cover off and wash it. It wouldn’t fit in his machine, but you can take it down to a laundromat and they could wash it for you for a like $5. Not bad.

not bad for a bean bag

I went to check out the website and I liked how they had different colors. It seems that the most popular color is black. My friend had a black one and that makes sense to me. Black is going to be a lot easier to match stuff with. With a bed, you can always just put a new sheet set on it, but with a bean bag, the cover is an integral part of the furniture. I guess it’s more like a couch in that sense. It’s like a couch with a cover you can take off and wash if you need to.

For my office, I decided to go with the charcoal gray color. It fits my color scheme the best in here. It’s also a very neutral color. Pretty much everything goes with gray, so I won’t have any issues if I want to add more colors or change my color scheme later.

I was thinking about getting another bean bag from there, too. I think I have the room for it. Maybe a red one this time. I think the red will go well with the gray bean bag. But, maybe I’ll see how it goes with this one first. I want to see how the foam inside feels after a few weeks of sitting on it.

It was easy to unpack and didn’t have any issues with ordering, so not much to talk about there. The checkout process is quick and easy. You just pick the one you want and check out. Shipping was free, which is a big plus for me. I don’t like to do math when I’m shopping. You get what you pay for. It bothers me when I think I’m getting a great deal and then, bam, they hit you with the shipping charges. Sometimes I just don’t check out because it feels like a trick. They get you in the door with low prices on the product and then jack up the shipping charges to make up for it.

Thankfully that isn’t the case on this website, so I’m happy with both the product and the company that provides it.